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    Ocalan: The construction of military post must stop

    Parliamentary Group deputy Pervin Buldan, who was in the delegation that visited Ocalan, give the details of the meeting to our Tv Med nuce

    HDP delegation informed public, right after the meeting with Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan:


    "Recent incidents are putting strain on the process and creating difficulties. We all have to demonstrate a determined commitment to peace in order to overcome these problems. I said that the stage we have reached is a hopeful beginning. Today I observe that this hope is beginning to evolve into concrete work towards a solution. We are at a historic juncture. I believe we will succeed. In order to succeed there is no doubt that the talks we have here should be carried out in a transparent legal manner of which public opinion should be informed."

    Pervin Buldan told Med Nuce that, Ocalan conveyed his condolences to the Kurdish people and the families of the 2 persons killed by the Turkish soldiers in Lice,and  said that Ocalan warned all parties to be careful against any kind of provocations.

    Buldan said:

    "Mr. Öcalan emphasised we are going through a delicate and historic process and called on all parties to be careful and not to lend credence to provocateurs and chicanery. He said he follows Lice closely, and added that 'When I previously called all parties to be attentive to those who want to provoke the process, I meant the possibility of this kind of incident'. Öcalan said the incident in Lice is a result of the AKP taking no positive steps, continuing the construction of military posts, deploying additional troops and ignoring the condition of sick prisoners. Öcalan called on all the people of Turkey to pay attention to the process, and called on both sides to remain careful during the process".

    Buldan said that Ocalan is vehemently opposed to the construction of military posts, and added:

    "The construction of military bases and posts, building of dams and roads for military use disrupts the process. People are also reactive. AKP must not give an impression of war to the public, military posts being one of these".

    Baldan added that Ocalan had called on the AKP to act responsibly and added:

    "Ocalan said 'I find the phase we have reached in the process offers hope, but I especially want the AKP to be more attentive and to act more responsibly'. Ocalan said;

    Everyone must avoid all kind of things that might give the provocations a basis in the region".

    Buldan said that Ocalan had criticised the AKP goverment by saying: "We will not accept the hegemony of the AKP.  It must immediately stop its dominating policies. We can build a democratic Turkey only by sustaining the fraternity of all people and creating a suitable environment for freedom of expression".

    Buldan added that Ocalan has also remarked on the workshop held by AKP in Amed and said:

    "Ocalan told us that he followed the workshop of AKP in Diyarbakır attributing importance to it, 'If the ministers there had prepared a road map and presented it to the workshop, the incidents in Lice would not have taken place. They held a workshop a day before and if they had announced a road map to the public that they would have avoided what happened in Lice the day after', said Ocalan".

    Buldan said they expected a statement or a briefing about the road map at their next meeting, adding that they will demand a meeting with the government this evening. Buldan added that the meetings with the ministers, Kandil and Ocalan will be held frequently in the coming weeks.

    Buldan also said that Öcalan will make comprehensive evaluations at the next meeting about the developments in Rojava, Iran and Iraq, and said that Ocalan stressed the importance he attributes to the municipalities at yesterday's meeting. Ocalan told Buldan the followings:

    "The municipal work must be very successfully carried out in the region. The realization of democratic and communal local governance will increase the hopes of the people. The local government must be based on serving equally all the citizens. The Metropolitan Municipality of Diyarbakır must especially set an example of democratic and communal governance."

    Buldan said that Ocalan repeated his proposal for a monitoring committee, adding that Ocalan calls such a committee the "third eye". Buldan said that Ocalan gave the example of Lice to illustrate the importance and necessity of such a committee to monitor, investigate and report such incidents. Buldan said Ocalan repeated that the process must be rendered transparent and other delegations and parties must be involved in the process.

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