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    ISIS captured Mosul and Tigrit and Baghdad is targeted

    ISIS Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant gangs have captured the whole of the city of Mosul on Tuesday and have seized the city of Tikrit in Selahaddin region on Wednesday, having their second major gain after capturing Mosul, ISIS is progressing in the direction of Baghdad.

    ISIS gangs started a new wave of attacks on 7 June. The city was taken totally under the control of these gangs on 10 June. Before that, many neighbourhoods had been captured by ISIS and other anti-government forces.

    Mosul airport has also been taken under the control of ISIS.

    ISIS have continued to advance to the south. Aside from Mosul, ISIS has taken the entire province of Nineva along with other areas of Salahaddin provinces on Wednesday.

    And in a major coup, ISIS has  captured the Salahaddin cities of Bayji, the site of Iraq's largest oil refinery, and the city of Tikrit, the provincial capital on Wednesday. ISIS have today vowed to march on to Baghdad, which is said to be their ultimate target.

    In a major development, Kurds in Iraq have gained control of the Northern city of Kirkuk.  Kirkuk is the third city that the central government in Baghdad has lost control of within the week.

    Kurdish fighters flooded into the city after the Iraqi Army abandoned its posts in the city. The city has long been held as the historical capital for the Kurdish people and their autonomous region.

    It is reported that the clashes with ISIS gangs around Kirkuk continues and ISIS still holds control of some districts.

    Peshmerga also stated that the strategic intersection of Fethe which connects the Beji, Hawije and Riyaz regions are under the control of Peshmerga forces.

    In another development people of Mosul continue to flee. Rreports said that fighting in Mosul resulted in a high number of casualties, with half a million people displaced.

    The International Organisation for Migration said around half a million people had fled their homes in Musul following the city's fall, fearing increased violence.

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