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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    KCK: Our guerrilla forces are ready to defend South Kurdistan

    Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) Co-presidency has issued a written statement following the capture of Mosul region by the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) gangs on 10 June and stated that the guerrilla forces are ready to fight actively with the pesmerga forces in full support in order to help to sustain the security of South Kurdistan. KCK said “The gains of Kurdistan are today under threat, but Kurdistan is not without defense”.


    KCK said the reality behind the occupation of Mosul is to attack against all the gains of Kurdish people and South Kurdistan. KCK also emphasized that ISIS gangs, in an attempt to occupy Rojava, were launching attacks against the gains of Kurdish people in Rojava, but have been successfully defeated by the YPG forces. KCK said “When the ISIS gangs couldn’t accomplish their plans in Rojava, they have started to carry out savage attacks in South Kurdistan”.

    “The guerrilla force of Kurdistan is ready to defend and sustain the security of primarily the people of Sinjar and South Kurdistan, and generally the whole Kurdistan. The guerilla force of Kurdistan holds enough power to respond the attacks of ISIS under any conditions, and is ready to  fight actively with peshmerga forces and offers full support”, said KCK.

     KCK emphasizes that the recent attacks proved once again the necessity of building the Kurdish national unity and called on all the Kurdish organizations to help to prepare the national congress.


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