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    HDP holds its second congress on sunday

    People's Democracy Party HDP will hold it's 2nd extraordinary congress this weekend on Sunday 22 June in Ankara under the titile of 'we will win democracy and peace'. A new party administration, after the merging of HDP and BDP, will be elected at this congress.

    HDP will hold its 2nd congress this weekend. The congress gains importance as the road map for the coming period, which will be determined by the upcoming presidential elections in Turkey  and  the developments in the peace process,  will be discussed.

    The Presidential elections will also be on the agenda. The party's stance will be declared.

    Alp Altınörs, from the congress commission, said: "Peace and democracy will not emerge from the power struggle of the ruling class," calling on everyone to unite around the HDP for peace and democracy.

    Altınörs added: "Co-presidency will be officially in the party constitution. Rather than a quota for women, there will be the principle of equal  representation. A party programme based on democratisation will be agreed."

    Meanwhile Co-president of the BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) Selahattin Demirtaş, who had previously said he no longer wished to play a leading role, confirmed that he had decided to put his name forward for the co-presidency of the HDP (People's Democracy Party), adding: "I will not shirk my duties."

    Demirtaş, emphasising that the HDP is at an important point, said that "the discussions have matured. Right now, our responsibility is to have discussions and strengthen the HDP and make the party an alternative political power in this term. We will make the HDP a growing hope and expectancy.

    Regarding the Presidential election, Demirtaş stated that "certainly, the HDP will declare its own candidate and this candidate will represent the third way, which will be the way for democracy, freedom and labor.

    Demirtas said the other candidates have the same mentality, that of the status quo, and state tradition adding that they will be against freedom and will maintain the classic nation state mentality.

    Demirtas stressed that their candidate will be th eonly candidate supporting democracy, freedom, working people and fraternity, adding that HDP will launch a strong campaign for the presidential elecetions for opening this third way in Turkey's politics.  

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