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    Deadly sick prisoners still jailed in Turkey

    The HDP's Parliamentary Group Chair Idris Baluken has criticised the provision on sick prisoners in the new Judicial Package, saying: "It doesn't bring a solution.

    The reform package called "Law Draft Amending the Turkish Penal Code and Certain Laws", which is also known as "the new judicial package" has been approved by Turkish parliament this week.

    The new law does not introduce a new regulation for sick prisoners, but only adds a new criteria to the already existing one, which in fact was used as a pretext to reject the release of sick prisoners.

    In the old law the release of sick prisoners depended on the decision of the police or the prosecutor regarding whether they posed a danger to the security of society.

    The new law adds the criteria of "concrete and serious danger" to  the existing criteria of "dangerous for the security of society".

    Answering the questions of ANF, The HDP Parliamentary Group Chaire Idris Baluken has ciridicised the provesion and said, the new law demands a concrete and serious reason to be considered dangerous in social life, but that those who remain outside of this vague definition will continue to be denied release despite medical reports either from the Forensic Institute or from university hospitals.

    Baluken added it doesn't open the way for treatment and for the release of sick prisoners. "It is unethical and wrong to act as if you are bringing a solution by pseudo definitions that lead nowhere", said Baluken.

    Baluken stressed that the release of sick prisoners must be ensured for progress in the resolution process.


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