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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    After capture of Tal Afar Turkmen peoples took refuge in Sinjar

    The town of Tal Afar near Mosul has been occupied by ISIS gangs. Tens of thousands of Shia Turkmen who live in the town have begun to leave, taking refuge in the Yezidi Kurds' holy place of Jebel (mountain) Sinjar.

    Both the United Nations and the regional government appear to be ignoring the plight of people who have fled from ISIS attacks on the town of Tal Afar and taken refuge in the Kurdish area of Sinjar.

    Local people in Sinjar are trying their best to help the refugees, although their material conditions are insufficient to meet the needs of those who have taken refuge there.

    The conditions of the people who had to flee from the attacks of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) gangs are worsening by the day.

    The withdrawal of the Iraqi army from Tal Afar and the capture of the town by ISIS have led the inhabitants to migrate to Sinjar and Duhok.

    Neither the United Nations nor the Regional Kurdistan Government has offered any assistance, but the local inhabitants have given help and sympathy to people who had to flee Tal Afar.

    People from Tal Afar, who are mostly from Turkmen community, are staying in schools, in wedding halls, the cafeterias of official institutions or in the open fields.

    Although the local people of Sinjar are trying their best to meet the basic needs of the refugees, the health of children, the elderly and women is worsening.

    It is estimated there are now around 100 thousand displaced people in and around Sinjar.

    Speaking to ANF, the people displaced from Tel Afar called on the United Nations and the local government to provide humanitarian aid.

    They said that they were very happy with the support and solidarity of the local people, however they are well aware that they cannot survive much longer by relying on that help.

    Local sources report that there are already food shortages in the area. Additionally, oil prices have risen sharply in Sinjar, where there has also been no electricity for the last 4 days.

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