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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    West and South Kurdistan need a collective defence policy

    Defence Minister of Cezire Canton, Abdulkerim Saroxan stressed that a mutual collective defence policy is needed for the security of the borders of West and South Kurdistan, adding that they are in search of a dialogue with the Hewler Government.

    Speaking to ANF(Fırat News Agency), Saroxan mentioned that regional developments and the conjuncture oblige the Kurds to establish the national unity. He also stated that the Kurds primarily have to organise a collective defence policy and have to unify their military forces into a mutual collective coordination against the different powers, which do not want Kurds to become a regional actor.

    Remarking that the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (ISIS) gangs are becoming a serious problem for the South Kurdistan, Saroxan said although they do not have an official agreement with the South Kurdistan Government and Peshmerga forces, they will support the Peshmerga forces in order to protect the national gains of the Kurdish people, if it is needed. 

    Saroxan further stated that: “South Kurdistan Government and the political parties in the South are contacting the neighbouring countries and different international powers. We hope that this will serve to our national interests and the liberation of our people. In this respect, we are expecting the South Kurdistan government and political parties to be deeply aware of the reality of  Rojava, which lies closer than the other powers. We also expect them to improve fraternally their relations and alliances with Rojava”.
    He also stated that it is very normal to create a collective border security policy between Rojava and South Kurdistan, adding that: “There is still ongoing problems at the border especially between Sinjar and Rabia. There is no problem in the region till Jazaa town, however, ISIS gangs are still crossing the borders between Jazaa and Sinjar. We are in search of a dialogue with the South Kurdistan government”.

    Defence Minister also reacted to the bomb attack of the Syrian Regime on Gırziro reminding the airstrike by the Syrian regime on Gırziro Town of Derik in West Kurdistan on 25 June. Remarking that Gırziro is an important oil town, which was taken control following the clashes with the Syrian Regime two years ago, Saroxan said the followings concerning the reason of the attack: 

    “Besar Assad regime has claimed that the oil of this region is being sold to other countries. However the oil of Rojava has never been exported. We try to meet the daily need of the people who are imposed an embargo”

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