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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    Turkish support for ISIS continues

    Hajji Ahmed Kurdi, the leader of the Jabhat al-Akrad (Kurdish Front Brigade) which is fighting ISIS around the city of Aleppo, has accused Turkey of continuing to support ISIS.

    Hajji Ahmed Kurdi said that ISIS has re-commenced its operations around Aleppo following its capture of Mosul, and was trying to recapture the town of Azaz, near the Turkish border.
    He said: "We clashed with this group around Aleppo on several fronts. They were evicted from Azaz and surrounding villages, but now they are trying to retake them. ISIS is working together with organisations like the al-Nusra Front and Liwa al-Tawhid.

    There are around 700 to 800 fighters of these organisations in the Azaz area and we consider them to be part of ISIS."  
    Hajji Ahmed Kurdi said that his organisation had been fighting ISIS in the Azaz area for the last 3 weeks, adding: "the Free Syrian Army and the Islamic Front are disintegrating and we are the only group that is resisting them."
    No support for the Kurdish Front Brigade
    Hajji Ahmed Kurdi said that despite his group being the only one putting up a fight against ISIS, they had received no outside support.
    After Azaz, Afrin
    Hajji Ahmed Kurdi said that the aim of ISIS was to besiege the canton of Afrin. He said: "First they want to reach Azaz and then attack Afrin. If we had not resisted there they would have taken Azaz by now and be blockading Afrin. Our resistance has prevented a bloodbath. We are fighting this gang organisation because they are opposed to the revolution in Syria."
    Turkish officers carry out interrogation
    Hajji Ahmed Kurdi emphasised that Turkey had maintained its support for ISIS, saying they had definite proof and documentation of this support. He added that some of the Kurdish Front's fighters and supporters who had been captured by ISIS had been interrogated by Turkish officers, saying: "all our people said that Turkish officers had taken part in interrogation. This proves support is continuing. They pretend to be in conflict with this organisation, but this is not true."
    They use the Turkish border openly
    Hajji Ahmed Kurdi said that ISIS crossed the Turkish border at will. "In order to surround Azaz they use the Çobanbey – Jarablus stretch [50 km long] of the border openly. Sometimes they cross the border as al-Nusra Front or Liwa al-Tawhid fighters. They don't even feel the need to act in a clandestine way, they do it openly."


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