Syrian aircraft bombed many places

According to local sources Syrian regime has been bombarded many places in Syria with aircraft.
Syrian aircraft bombed many places Local sources reported that Girziro town of Derik, located at the border with North Kurdistan, has been bombarded by the Syrian regime's aircraft.

Girziro, 20 km away from the South Kurdistan, is located between the cities of Derik and Gırkê Legê.

Across from Girziro, lies the Tawus village of Zaxo city of South Kurdistan.

The northern city of Aleppo witnessed yesterday today aerial shelling from Syrian warplanes that carried air attacks on the Al Bab Road, Shaar, Sakhour, Qadi Askar, Heidariyeh and Inzarat neighborhoods.

Syrian aircraft bombed also on the Mare and Tal Refaat areas in its province; several dead and wounded were reported in the Al Bab Road neighborhood and in the Tal Refaat area.

At least 7 people were killed in the Arbeen suburb of Damascus after an air strike of Syrian Forces, that targeted also the Mleha suburb and the Zabadani mountainous area, while several mortars landed in areas of central Damascus as Mujtahad, Maysat, Qeimariyeh and Bab Sharqi.

Aerial shelling from Syrian Forces targeted also the Bosra Al Sham and Inkhel areas of Daraa province and the Morek area of Hama province, while in Raqqa 30 people were killed and dozens wounded by air strikes carried out since morning on several neighborhoods. adresinden 18 November 2018, 16:07 tarihinde yazdırılmıştır.