Fierce clashes takes place around the town of Maxmur since Tuesday.
Firstly,  clashes have taken place between peshmerga forces and ISIS gangs in and around the villages near the Maxmur town.
The partial withdrawal of peshmerga forces from the region following the clashes on Wednesday evening has caused a chaos around the town.
The PKK's armed forces, HPG (People's Defense Forces) and Women's Guerrilla Army YJA Star guerrillas went to the area and enabled the safe eviction of the elders and children after forming a security cordon for the people in the Maxmur camp.
The Maxmur refugee camp have all been evacuated amidst intense clashes between HPG -YJA STAR, peshmerga forces, militia forces of Maxmur and ISIS gangs.
Following the eviction, guerrillas strengthened the security of the camp, with the assistance of camp residents, and started to keep guard at strategic points in the region.
Hundreds of armed camp residents have been deployed at positions together with peshmerga forces.
Guerrillas, currently maintaining the safety of the entire Maxmur area, militia forces of Maxmur and peshmerga have started to act in a natural cooperation in the region.
ISIS gangs are reported to have suffered casualties in the clashes during which heavy weapons were used.
The central government of Iraq has in the meantime started to launch bombardment on ISIS positions in Maxmur region as of last night.
Clashes in and around the Maxmur town have intensified as of early Thursday and are reported to be continuing.
All strategic areas in the region are currently under the control of guerrilla, peshmerga and militia forces of Maxmur. adresinden 17 January 2019, 18:57 tarihinde yazdırılmıştır.