Sinjar has been occupied by ISIS gangs after the town was abandoned to its fate by KDP peshmerga forces on 3 August.
People in thousands went to the mountains to protect themselves from the savagery of ISIS gangs.
The peshmerga forces withdrew from the city and left the the Yezidi Kurds and the town of Sinjar to its fate.
Reports are coming through about savage massacres of ISIS gangs in Sinjar town and villages where dozens of Yezidi Kurds have reportedly been massacred  in the last several days.
YPG forces, People's Defense Forces of West Kurdistan  crossed the border on 3 August and arrived in Sinjar in response to the Yezidi residents' appeal for help after the KDP abandoned Sinjar to ISIS gangs. 
In the evening of 4 August, Sinjar Units of Resistance announced their establishment while Kurdish forces entered the town. 
Thousands of Yezidi youths have taken up arms and joined YPG forces to defend themselves 
On 4 August, YPG fighters reached the mountains of Sinjar to provide protection for the tens of thousands of people. 
While YPG forces and Sinjar Defence Units are  endeavouring to prevent probable massacres by ISIS gangs, the civilians stranded in the mountains are facing a human tragedy.
Establishin a safe corridor in the area, YPG fighters are trying to ensure the civilians to safely reach West Kurdistan. 
Fierce clashes are reported to be continuing between the ISIS gangs and the YPG and Sinjar Defence Units in and around Sinjar.  
ISIS suffered heavy casulaties in the clashes in the villages of Solak and Borik.
On Wednesday YPG and Sinjar Resistance Units launched a joint operation in the area to the north of Mount Sinjar 
Issuing a statement YPG announced that the north of Sinjar has been liberated from the ISIS gangs. adresinden 17 January 2019, 18:02 tarihinde yazdırılmıştır.